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We regularly will be running events to help raise money for Millie. Come back each month to see the new events taking place.
Aluminium Can Collection - The aluminium can collection organised by REXAN in Northfield, was a huge success with them having won  their company’s competition for the most cans collected, and the biggest impact on the community. Our thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to the organiser, Cathy Ashby-Clark, who then donated her own cash prize to Millies Fund too. This resulted in a total donation of £6459.
The January Jaunt - Is a sponsored walk of 2 ¾ miles around Willen Lakes in Milton Keynes in aid of six different charitable funds. We are encouraging supporters to ‘Wear Something Silly for Millie’ on this walk which takes place on Sunday 22nd January starting at 11am. Entry fee is £5 per adult and £1 per child – but dogs go free! Please apply on line (wgrstott@aol.com ) for the entry form (which must then be submitted with the fee, before 8th January 2012).Registration fees should be made payable to Willen Hospice, as they are the ‘Host’ Charity.’
Advance notice - There will be a Charity Concert on March 3rd 2012 in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care and Millies Fund. This is expected to be a sell-out, with only 500 seats available.
What is Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD)?

Metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) is a genetic disorder caused by a deficiency of the enzyme arylsulfatase A. It is one of a group of genetic disorders called the leukodystrophies that affects growth of the myelin sheath, the fatty covering - which acts as an insulator - on nerve fibres in the brain.

Please visit MLD foundation for further information on this disease. Thank you for visiting this site and thank you for your kind donation.
Millie de Cruz